Unique Opportunity

For individuals to invest in a large-scale forestry development

Crowdfunding methodology

Minimum investment of only U$50,000

Completely turnkey

Highly experienced management team and robust
operational infrastructure

1,000+ hectares of land purchased every year

where 1,300,000+ trees are planted each year

5,000+ tons of CO2 captured per year

and 300+ people employed in the region

Socially and Environmentally sustainable

several international certifications already procured and others in progress

16% projected annual return

Not including several other sources of potential income

Projected annual return of 16% on the sales of wood

not including several other sources of potential income

Extremely short time-frame

for agro-industrial projects, only 7 years

Migratory benefits

Colombian visa applicable

Impact of the Project

Environmental Impact

We have already procured The Gold Standard certification and we’re procuring other two: The Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance certifications, for both our timber and honey plantations.


Economic Impact

Colombian Timber is a unique opportunity for anyone, anywhere in the planet, to diversify into a currency (Colombian Pesos) and an industry that is experiencing an impressive growth and that will soon become an important player in the global wood biomass market.


Social Impact

Our plantations are sustainable and socially responsible in every possible way. We employ more than 300 local farmers per year, and we have created a foundation for the sole purpose of integrating the whole local community to our vital endeavor in the region.